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  1. Tom K says:

    Jim Fernbank has looked after my Islington media company’s IT for more than a decade, ranging from high end graphics to WIFI networking, and security, on a variety of Windows platforms from Windows XP to Windows 10. He also sorted out my private networking, and entertainment requirements. He is the PC consultant, who’s experience comes into its own, when lesser IT guys have long thrown in the towel, and given up. His computer knowledge is encyclopaedic. He usually manages to rise to the sometimes unsurmountable challenge, making the impossible possible, in getting Windows to do the things I want it to do. I look forward to working the next ten years with Jim. Tom K., Islington Green

  2. Jenefer in Highbury says:

    Jim has been helping me with my Dell computer, Apple iPad and iPhone since April 2004. He has been an absolute genius at sorting out issues, setting up the new Dell and finding solutions to problems which were really quite involved … and demanding. Jim is always available by phone and gets on to the case immediately. Initially, he came round to the house and quietly proceeded until everything was running smoothly. Now, he tends to address the problems remotely but always with the same successful result. I cannot recommend him highly enough; he is totally professional, reliable and courteous … and a pleasure to deal with, a gem.

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